Effective Date: Jan 1st 2023

Thank you for choosing Jennifer Dawn - Aligned Design and Jennifer Dawn - Spirit Mind & Body for your digital content needs. These Terms of Service outline the rules and guidelines governing your use of our services. By accessing our website or using our services, you agree to the terms outlined in this agreement.

1. Licensing and Usage

1.1 Allowed Usage

You are allowed to use our content, including photos, graphics, templates, and other digital offerings, for various purposes within your business, including but not limited to:

  • Website, landing pages & blogs
  • Social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Courses, memberships & programs
  • Lead magnets & opt-ins
  • Workbooks, E-books & PDFs
  • Videos & YouTube
  • FB & Instagram Ads (small scale advertising) ( UGC not included)
  • Webinars & Presentations
  • Flyers & gift certificates

You may modify the content by overlaying text, designs, logos, cropping, rotating, resizing, adding color, or filter overlays.

1.2 Usage for Website & Graphic Designers

Website and graphic designers may use our content for both personal and client projects, including website designs for clients. However, certain restrictions apply:

  • You cannot share or give any membership content to your clients.
  • Final designed work must be exported/saved in a non-editable file format before delivery.
  • An active subscription is required to create work for clients.

2. Product Creation and Resale

2.1 Selling Products

You are permitted to use our content to create digital and physical products for sale, including but not limited to:

  • Digital products (workbooks, journals, printables, etc.)
  • Oracle card decks (digital or printed)
  • Incorporating images in your own workbooks, journals, etc.
  • POD products, merch, wall art
  • You may use any of the elements to create book covers, however you MAY NOT use any image as is on your book cover unless you have purchased printing licensing rights.

2.2 Restrictions

However, certain restrictions apply:

  • You cannot sell the images as standalone images or include them in a membership.
  • Digital products must be modified and personalized; selling them as is not allowed.
  • You cannot sell the exact same Canva template as a Canva template.
  • Trademarking the designs or images is not permitted.
  • You cannot sell or share content as a PLR product or create NFTs.
  • Continuation of selling products requires an active membership subscription.

3. Private Label Rights (PLR)

3.1 PLR Definition

PLR (Private Label Rights) allows you to claim content creation and ownership rights to our content as if it were your own.

3.2 Usage

You can edit, rebrand, repurpose, and sell the content under your own name/brand.

4. Flash Sales

4.1 Time-Limited Offers

Flash sales are time-limited, and the terms and conditions for each flash sale will be specified during the promotional period.

5. Fair Use Policy

5.1 Community Guidelines

We operate on an honor system of mutual respect and consideration. While you can download content unlimitedly, please avoid:

  • Selling large volumes of products under market value
  • Bundling products together and pricing them under market value
  • Creating high volumes of content and putting them in a membership with minimal investment

6. Image Credit

No image crediting is required when using our royalty-free images. However, feel free to tag us on Instagram @jenniferdawn.spiritmindbody if you'd like to give a shout-out!

7. Membership Cancellation

If you cancel your membership, you retain the rights to continue using downloaded content for your small business/personal use. However, creating new products for sale or using content for client work requires an active membership.

7.1 Cancellation Terms

Cancellation of any month-to-month service requires 30 days' written notice.

8. Retainer Contracts

8.1 Payment Responsibility

When committing to any retainer contracts, you are responsible for the entire length of the contract on your payments.

9. Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Due to the instant downloadable nature of our content, we have a strict no-refund policy on all purchases, including renewals.

10. Acknowledgment

When purchasing any product or service, ensure you have read the service terms for that product or offer.

11. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Service, please contact us at SUPPORT@JENNIFERDAWN.CA.

By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms of Service and agree to abide by them. Using any of our template or graphics without commercial usage rights, will result in legal action.

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